Our Story

Proximity is a digital behavioral agency. Established in 2007 by French-Lebanese partners, the agency has premises in Paris and Beirut. In both countries, our teams have a comprehensive know-how of their respective markets. They address growing clients in various industries: from gastronomy to fashion, including education, tourism and distribution.

Proximity plays also a bridging role between Paris and the Middle Eastern countries: the agency keeps track of the French brands that aim at developing in that high-potential region.

Our profession

At this time of the extremely connected consumer and of the Big Data, Proximity Agency brings the right solutions to help you have your brand or enterprise well rooted and timely developing along the new and constantly growing digital ecosystem.

Our agency will assist you with digital and communication expert teams, consultants, designers, engineers, programmers, marketing specialists, and many other services…

Within an Omnichannel perspective integral of both online and offline channels, we will beside you at every step of your growth regardless of your departure point.

  • Creation of your corporate identity
  • Development and implementation of your digital platform
  • Building your Mix Communication and Marketing strategies
  • Concepts and applications of your communication campaigns
  • …..

The NELCOM Group Agencies

We operate in close collaboration with NELCOM Group agencies in order to benefit from their respective domains of expertise.

Social Aim is our privileged partner in the field of Content Marketing.

Sketch steps in to assist with all projects requiring creative conceptual communication.