Corbani Cosmetic Dentistry

Corbani Cosmetic Dentistry is a clinic offering various types of services such as operative dentistry, orthodontics, endodontics, surgery and implantology and laser. With the healthcare sector slowly but surely getting connected online, Proximity Agency was determined to create a digital platform for Corbani Cosmetic Dentistry.

The Challenge

Proximity Agency was contracted to create a Social Media Strategy where the business would be more connected to the online community and broaden their scope. This strategy would:

  • Allow customers to receive information about dental care and new developments in the field of dentistry
  • Further promote their business
  • Provide customers with the means of sharing their thoughts and enhancing the sense of community amongst their clientele.
  • Further the reach of their future Facebook activity through increasing the number of LIKES on their page.
Our Approach

As for every client, a unique strategy was developed to fit their needs, where Proximity Agency researchers and marketers work together to provide high quality content that will work to promote their business. The strategy for Corbani Cosmetic Dentistry included:

  • Creating a new website
  • Creating a Social Media Strategy on Facebook
  • Performing Community Management
  • Developing brand content
  • Facebook Ads
  • Website SEO strategy

Through the Digital Strategy, the plan was to:

  • Generate interesting, shareable posts surrounding dental care, history of dentistry, and the importance of dental hygiene
  • Incorporate discussion topics and questions to promote user feedback
  • Promote services offered as well as news and updates from the clinic itself
  • Perform special operations in order to increase and engage the community
  • Create Facebook ads to attract possible future clientele
  • Write up interesting and informative brand content that would support their expertise in the field.

Though Website SEO, the use of important keywords would be used to create multiple ways of improving visibility on various search engines.

The Results

Early results of this digital strategy include:

  • Increasing the number of Facebook fans and the number of people talking about the page on Facebook
  • Formatting a Facebook page that offers useful information as well as high quality photography and writing
  • Increase traffic to the website
  • The beginnings of a platform for the Corbani Cosmetic Dentistry community to discuss dental care and dental hygiene as well as the services they offer.