Fashion Luma

Fashion Luma is a revolutionary and innovative online magazine that will immerse you in the world of #fashion, #beauty, #celebrities, #decoration and much more. Born from’s independent spirit, this media is the only one of its kind that delivers a unique content and keeps readers intrigued. Fashion Luma offers its clients an exceptional reading experience through interesting articles.

Our Approach

Proximity Agency has been involved to implement a digital platform, from a fully functional and interactive online magazine to a social media strategy and Facebook engagement. Social Aim’s experts and copywriters offer Fashion Luma a unique content in multiple topics to suit all tastes.

Our Approach

  • A unique marketing content
  • An innovative way to highlight a certain place or brand
  • An exposure to the digital marketing and social media
  • A Local and international exposure
  • A golden marketing strategy
  • An inspiring and original content (texts, photos, videos, etc.) that people want to read and share!
  • We first launched an Instagram account and a Facebook page to promote the blog, Twitter and Pinterest were next
  • A powerful connection, an effective communication and a certain increase in clients/customers traffic
  • The chance to convert casual readers into paying clients

Results are visible as:

  • A strong online presence and visibility
  • A professional and appealing page through content marketing
  • Two articles minimum are posted by day in the blog and shared on social media
  • Jewelers, beauty salons, restaurants and many more started advertising in the blog
  • Optimized the brand identity on Facebook
The Newsletter

Proximity Agency conceptualized, designed and implemented Fashion Luma Newsletter.

The Mobile Application

Proximity developed a Mobile Application that brings communication to ease; we conceptualized, designed and produced Fashion Luma application for IOS and Android.


The Website

Proximity Agency has been involved to implement the online magazine, from an original concept, to a modern design and technical implementation.

The concept focuses on optimizing the user experience and information structure. With its modern design, the website helps the brand stand out from local and international competitors.

Proximity Agency used Zend Framework to build the website along with a mobile version. An SEO strategy has been implemented along with a content strategy.

To date, Proximity Agency has provided Fashion Luma with the following services:

  • Consulting: Online media Strategy, Website Concept and positioning
  • User Interface Design: User Experience, Information Architecture (AI)
  • Graphics Design: Web Site Design, Custom Blog for Brands, Online Advertising Design
    • Implementation using Zend Framework: Article's pages, Instagram Integration, Content Management System    , Community features
    • Ongoing: Support & Maintenance, Hosting
    • Internet Marketing Services: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing