Index Furniture Center

Index Furniture Center had a Facebook page, but was unhappy with the level of involvement from their audience, and wanted to take the page in a new direction. The company also wanted to add Instagram to their social media platform.

The Social Media

Our Approach

  • It was determined that they had a low level of fans that were in affinity with their brand, therefore to increase the level of user participation fans that had interests in common with the content being posted were targeted through Facebook advertising.
  • Promotions and deals also highlighted through the page, with products being shot by our in house photographer.
  • An Instagram account was also launched to allow those that visit the store to share their pictures of items, while one photo a day is posted on behalf of the brand.
  • The next steps of work with the brand will be redesigning their website with a fresh, clean and modern look to resemble the brand.

The Results

The Index Furniture Facebook page has received 2,000 new fans over the course of the last 3 months. More importantly, these new fans are interacting and fostering a stronger level of community amongst followers of the page, which helps to organically grow the popularity of the page.

On Instagram, the Index account has seen great feedback from a growing community, adding roughly 500 followers in 3 months. The account was also linked to their Facebook page to allow both communities to view the photos.