Le Gabarit

Le Gabarit Diet Center provides customer consultations with accredited dietitians, creates an approach which is specific to their needs and provides meals specifically for their various clients.

The Corporate Website

Proximity Agency conceptualized, designed and produced the new website for Le Gabarit Diet Center. The many features were specifically designed to meet the company's new branding and positioning.

The concept focuses on optimizing the user experience and information structure. With its modern design, the website helps the brand stand out from local competitors.

Le Gabarit Diet Center website is available for desktops and smartphones. Apart from up-to-date news, tips, you will also find a useful search, product info, and Calorie Calculator.

Proximity Agency used Laravel to build the website. An SEO strategy has been implemented along with a content strategy.

In addition, an easy-to-use content management system (CMS) was created to support the website daily update.

The Social Media

Proximity Agency was contracted to reinvigorate their Facebook page for the company in order to:

  • allow customers to receive information about new developments in the dietary field
  • further promote their business
  • provide customers with the means of sharing their thoughts and enhancing the sense of community amongst their clientele.
  • allow customers to share their thoughts, and get in touch with other people involved in their own calorie cutting endeavors.
  • further the reach of their future Facebook activity through increasing the number of likes on their page.

Our Approach

As for every client a unique strategy was developed to fit their needs, where Proximity Agency researchers and marketers work together to provide high quality content that will work to promote their business.

The strategy for Le Gabarit included:

  • creating posts surrounding various holidays and other noteworthy events to ensure users see the outlet as being more personal
  • constantly incorporating discussion topics and questions to promote user feedback
  • promoting new products offered while also bringing some old favorites to their customers attention
  • performing special operations in order to increase and engage the community

Early results of this Facebook strategy include:

  • increasing the number of Facebook fans and the number of people talking about the page on Facebook
  • creating a Facebook page that offers useful information as well as high quality photography and writing
  • the beginnings of a platform for the Le Gabarit community to discuss the hardships and benefits of a healthier lifestyle
The Communication

Performing a series of campaigns in order to highlight seasonable products (Easter, Christmas, Sainte Barbre, Ramadan, etc.). Proximity Agency along with Sketch provide the campaign concept, the artwork, the media plan and the monitoring.

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