The Mac Shop

The Mac Shop, is a Dedicated Retail Outlet for Mac Products. A brand of ITG Holding.

The Facebook Timeline

The challenge

With a good number of followers on Facebook, roughly 5,000, but little engagement and regularity of posts a high quantity of fans was being underutilized. Furthermore, seasonal closeout sales were not being publicized enough, nor being used as a promotional tool.

What We Did

  • re-designed the content startegy and popularized the Facebook page.
  • Increase the number of fans and the level of user engagement for the Facebook page of The Mac Shop through posting more engaging and audience specific content.
  • Integrate Facebook campaigns for the release of new products, and also sales.

The Results

The The Mac Shop Facebook page increased to 10,000 fans over the course of the first 2 months. Furthermore, engagement was increased on the timeline, and the campaigns introduced showed high levels of participation.