Montana International College

Montana International College is a college based in the Metn region, Lebanon. It aims at enlightening its students’ minds about the importance of social, cultural and religious diversity in a safe and caring secular community.

The Challenge

To help Montana International College extend its message to the Lebanese families. Proximity Agency was contracted to re-design their Facebook page in order to:

  • Allow users to receive information about the college
  • Further promote their college
  • Allow users to share their thoughts, and get in touch with other people interested in the education field
  • Further the reach of their future Facebook activity through increasing the number of funs on their page

Our Approach

Proximity Agency strategists work together to provide high quality content that will work to promote the college, The strategy for Montana International College included:

  • Constantly incorporating discussion topics and questions to promote user feedback
  • Performing special content in order to increase and engage the community
  • Design, implement and manage a campaign on Facebook and local portals.

The Results

  • Early results of this Facebook strategy include:
  • Increasing the number of Facebook fans and the number of people talking about the page on Facebook
  • Creating a Facebook page that offers useful information as well as high quality photography and writing
  • A stronger online presence allowing more information to be readily available online
  • Generate leads
The Campaign

Montana International College was suffering from a reputation of “expensive school”.  The management team decided to launch a new campaign to highlight the fact that tuitions at MIC actually are affordable.

Our sister agency Sketch came up with a whole campaign based on the comparison between the school assets and values, considered as priceless, and the cost of the school year, clearly affordable.