Rolling Pins

Rolling Pins is a boutique Pastry shop in Ashrafieh (Beirut).

The Digital Strategy

The Challenge

As a new business, Rolling Pins needed a full digital platform created, as well as the design of a number of offline elements such as menus, brochures, bags and fliers. Without any designs thus far, our photographers and designers had to create all the content for their marketing platform.

Our Approach

  • To launch social media it was decided that Instagram and Facebook would be the first two platforms to launch, with a Pinterest page and Twitter account to be added at a later date.
  • A website was designed that would host the menu, complete with photos of all their items, and some information about the company.

Menus, bags, brochures and signs for events were also designed with a consistent look that promotes a classy and innovative look for the bakery.

The Results

In the first 5 months the Facebook community grew to nearly 6,000 followers through promoting content that highlighted their products and expertise as a member of the culinary industry.

The website was also launched, with a design that was well received by customers and allows users to understand the entire menu in order to call in their catering ordering. Online ordering will also be integrated over time.