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Innovation and lower barriers of entry lead to the emergence of new competitors. The challenge for businesses today is to maintain their competitive advantage. In order to accomplish the former, you have to identify and adapt to customers’ needs quickly. To do that, you need to understand your customers.

It is de-facto that the digital ecosystem is in a state of New ways to enter new markets added to the volatility of the ecosystems in constant state of transformation. This presents some new challenges for the enterprises, that if seized would make amazing opportunities.

The deployment of a successful and strategic smart marketing strategy necessitates the seamless knowledge of the expectations of the brands' client base. All of the above could be accomplished through the use of predictive analysis and the implementation of uniform intelligent platforms.

The technical team at Proximity utilizes data science, algorithms and artificial intelligence to bring you solutions that:

  • Adapt your data system: API Definition and SI Architecture, Integration, Security, Agility, Monitoring
  • Design and implement your platform: mobile Apps “Shopping Companion”, online catalogue, e-commerce sites and Chatbots
  • Ensure the activation of the various applications and services, the engagement on your social network platform
  • Ensure the follow-up service and System maintenance, the technical and trend chart monitoring

Proximity Agency has unmatched expertise in building Ingenious platforms and architectures using Oracle, Google, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Magento, Drupal, Apple, Zend Framework, etc.

Our integration offer is based on a three-level architecture

  • Front end: Chatbot, mobile and web solutions
  • Selection and integration of the API, Middleware
  • Back-end: (OMS, CRM, ERP…)

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