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If a company only employs passive digital marketing, they are unable to effectively communicate with their audience, preventing further research and development of products. By the simple act of implementing active digital marketing strategies, a business can rapidly increase their conversion rates and views, once an effective marketing mix is found. A passive marketing strategy is cheap, but you get exactly what you pay for.

SMART Marketing combines both active and passive marketing strategies to ensure that your business attains maximum visibility.

SMART marketing includes:

  • Strategic marketing
  • Public relations
  • Digital media and marketing solutions

We provide clients with creative approaches to effective communications through consulting, website design and development, social media strategies, digital photography, video production, graphic design and more.

SMART Marketing generates leads, which are the lifeblood of any business. Moreover, it offers a variety of lead generation and management services for business and organizations. At Proximity Agency we leverage traditional methods with more modern means to secure your business with new leads, and then maintain them for you.

Meanwhile, passive marketing is exactly what its name suggests: no thoughtful or adequate marketing strategy in place, with $0 in the advertising budget. While there are some managers who believe their website will sell their product for them we all wish this was the case.

The marketing landscape is that of competition; those who receive the views – and those who make conversions – are those who win.

We want to help your business achieve success through using the Internet effectively and ensuring that your business retains its customers in a growing online and offline market.

We provide a personal service to our customers, just like you should!

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