DOOD3D Platform

As DOOD studio is launching its offer of “3D Printing on Demand”, Proximity Agency handled the conception and implementation of a POC they conducted in partnership with Qwant Junior.

In the framework of this POC, Qwant Junior is offering search results, sending the user to DOOD3D platform, via a viewer allowing users to choose and modify 3D objects.

Once the user has chosen a 3D object, he can request DOOD to print it, by clicking a specific button, opening an ecommerce platform.

Proximity Agency:

  •  Imagined the User Journey, from the viewer to the payment process
  • Designed the related pages
  • Implemented the website according to the UX design

We had a number of challenges while creating these processes.

  • Complying with Qwant strict rules of privacy (this search engine uses Privacy Protection as its main motto)
  • Incorporating a user journey made for children
  • Incorporating 3D files

We also had to develop a specific interface dedicated to the partnership between DOOD and Editions Nathan, allowing users to print 3D accessories complementing a toy created by Editions Nathan.